Would it be smart to light your spaces the way a designer does?

Your home is beautiful! The hardwood floors, granite countertops, and custom cabinetry all have subtle details and expert finishes. In many homes, these subtleties are lost with only harsh light overhead. Designers use "layers" of light, dimmed to the proper levels, to bring out the beauty of a space and ensure light is focused where it is needed.

Lighting control begins by replacing a simple switch with a dimmer; the light level is controlled where it wasn't before. Add more dimmers and the space is properly lit to perform tasks and complement moods. Communication between the dimmers allows for pre-programmed "scenes" for favorite settings. Add multiple rooms, and scenes such as "Morning", "Arrive Home", "Evening", "Entertain", and "Goodnight" customize your home to live the way you do...isn't that smart?

DK Automation provides Design, Installation and Programming services exclusively using products from Lutron, the recognized industry leader and innovator of lighting control products.

Would it be smart if you could easily turn off all the lights the kids left on?

DK Automation's philosophy to lighting control design is a simple one; a good system can only be created with the understanding of how your family lives. This information along with technical expertise, product knowledge, and experience with best practices creates the right customized system for each family.

Solutions may be as simple as a few dimmers in custom colors to match the backsplash, or complete home systems; there is no "one size fits all".

DK Automation is Factory Certified in the entire line of Lutron's residential products. From individual dimmers like Diva and Maestro, to room controllers like Grafik Eye QS, all the way to multi-room and whole home systems like RadioRA2 and Homeworks; we are uniquely qualified to find the right product to meet your needs.

Would it be smart if one button could to set all your lights for bedtime?

Switches, dimmers, keypads, car visor controls...the components of lighting control are not special on their own. What makes them special is how they work in concert with how you live. This doesn't happen by chance, it takes experience and a dedicated effort.

DK Automation's programming services always provide consultations throughout the project, including visits after dark, to ensure all light levels are set properly. Though there are best practices for keypad placement and how scenes are used, everyone flows differently through their home; a newly married couple has different lighting needs than a family with teenagers. The only way to make the system right is to listen and be willing to adjust preconceptions to fit the real-world needs.

That's not the end of the programming story; as a family grows, their needs change. Maybe a new lighted path to the baby's room, or the toddler has moved from the nursery to a permanent bedroom; there are many events which may require changes to your scenes. Using either Lutron's RadioRA2 or Homeworks systems will allow these changes to be made by DK Automation remotely; in many circumstances taking only a few minutes for your home to, again, live as you do...isn't that smart?