Would it be smart if your shades “knew” when the sun was shining?

Windows are wonderful! Nothing brightens your home and mood more than letting in the natural light. But, to be honest, windows are something that must be managed; too much light can fade the furniture, make air conditioning work harder, and create glare; obscuring what might otherwise be a beautiful view. Leaving windows uncovered at night compromises privacy and can give feelings of insecurity.

Frequently, shades and drapes are left closed simply because the morning was hectic and no one thought to open them; unfortunately, this means the real benefit of having windows is lost.

DK Automation solves this common problem using Lutron Sivoia automated shade and drapery tracks; the recognized industry leader in silent low-voltage shading systems. Suddenly, sun light can be managed just as your artificial light. Blackout shades give complete privacy for bed time; during the day, sheer shades cut glare and UV while retaining the beautiful view. Draperies can be dramatic when opened or closed...and now you can enjoy both.

Integrate these with your lighting control system as only a certified Lutron dealer can, and now shades work seamlessly with lighting scenes ensuring you fully enjoy your wonderful windows...isn't that smart?